A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


This is highly a work in progress. Practically a learning project. I want to try out ideas, methods.
It's not impossible then at a point I decide that I get all the experience I got from this prototype and start all over in a form of another project.


Waking up in your flat and finding a letter telling you to get out of the building.

This is just the starting point for the strange and disturbing experience awaiting for you.

Future goals:

  1. fixed models, because most of the current ones could be better
  2. more realistic proportions (desk in the cellar is too big compared to player)
  3. A and B point for the story, if it begann, let it end
  4. ceiling for the rooms where the user can see that it's missing through the camera
  5. inventory with item description
  6. Mentalti is usable, not just an item in the beginning of the game you can pick
  7. at least an hour long gameplay
  8. more polished music
  9. monsters (Apparently...there a monster in one of the rooms...but it's not used yet.)
  10. better character model


Aturn left
Dturn right
SHIFTfaster movement, turning
ESCquit program

System requirements:

OpenGL ES 3.0 support needed, aside of that I think it should run on older computers withtout a problem.

Install instructions

After unzipping, leave the .exe and .pck file together. It's runnable, no need to install.


InnerAsylum_32.zip 42 MB
InnerAsylum_32_linux_NOT_TESTED.zip 45 MB
InnerAsylum_64.zip 43 MB
InnerAsylum_mac_NOT_TESTED.zip 56 MB

Development log


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I really enjoyed the experience, I was left wishing for more.

Wow! Thanks :) I'm glad you liked the style / setting of the game, I was quiet surprised and happy to see a video about it.

I'm planning to update it sometimes  after the voting period ends although there's gonna be much work to do even after that. I want to get rid off the bugs / glitches / other things need to be fixed first, like the missing border in the start room, where you can practically fall off the level if you go through the door.