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Just finished it also. Great job!

The moving platform mechanic was fun, but only when it was possible to "follow" it. Some very fast moving platforms were impossible to stay on it, making the only possible way to get through by spamming the jump button.

Also, I really liked the reload level button! Made it so much easier when I screwd up, and it was an instant retry! No downtime whatsoever! Very nice!

Also, if possible, make the resolution a little higher? The window was a little too small for me. No problem if it's going to get pixelated, but I think the field of view is quite important.

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Thanks for playing and for the opinion. :)

I will try to balance the player / platform speed more in the future, thanks.

I doubled the resolution, now it should be better.


Looks like the viewport setting of the page didn't work like I wanted. For now, I changed the resolution back.

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It was so fun and the last stage is a bit difficult but still  great.
about the moving platform made the game more fun and difficult.
great job!

Thanks! :)

Its fun but you have to move with any moving platform (if the platform moves right then you have to keep moving right to stay on the platform) that made the game significantly harder. :)

Thanks for playing :)

The platformer thing was intentional, I thought it would be a good way to make the game more challenging.

Ok :) it was a fun game so keep up the good work.