An extremely simply and short  game made for the Really Retro Jam no 4.

Technical stuff:

The game uses 4 colors and runs in 64 x 64 pixel resolution, but scaled up to 256 x 256 to make everything visible. Every tile and sprite except some bigger one like palm trees have maximum 8x8 pixel resolution.


You are a young adventurer ventured into an island found in the middle of nowhere. You beleive it's the island the legend of the great treasure about.

Your adventure will be "simple": collect the treasures as you roam through the tropical paradise and temples and avoid interacting with the local inhabitants.

The default and only one game mode is hardcode. If one of the local folks gets you, the game resets and you have to start all over.


W, SPACEjump
A, left arrowleft
D, right arrowgo right

Tools used:

Known bugs:

  1. Sometimes the player speeds up for a short moment. It's not game breaking, but can be "ugly".
  2. The collision detection behaves strange sometimes. It can be that a side collision won't be detected with the enemy.
  3. Sometimes the player's sprite got blurred.


I made everything for the game.



  1. There were supposed to be one more coin to collect.
  2. One of the inhabitants got stuck in it's patrol.
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withGodot, GIMP
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Leave the .pck file in the same folder as the .exe file!


Download 8 MB
Download 9 MB

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